Dave Gallman offers gifts to people who refer new business to us. If you know anyone who is currently interested in buying or selling a house, let us know and we’ll send you your choice of the following:

  1. A $20 Starbucks gift card – sent via email.
  2. Two movie tickets to the theater of your choice – sent via email.
  3. Tiff’s Treats – sent to your office or place of work.
Use the form below to submit the information.


What counts as a valid referral?
We have to have some criteria or every person would inundate us with requests for free coffee and cookies. So, a “valid” referral is one that when we contact your referee they can confirm two things: 1) that they know you, and 2) that they are in fact looking to buy or sell. Fair enough?

TREC, the governing body for the real estate industry, prohibits us for providing gifts greater than $50.